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How to answer "What is music therapy?"

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We have a fun little challenge for you today… If you can give us a good answer, then we’ll send you a sweet prize in the mail AND feature you in a video!

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This Week’s Shout-Out

The Shout-Out goes to Jenny, a new music therapist in Minneapolis, who’s just starting out.

The best place to start out is answering the age-old question… What is music therapy? And we have opinions. Let’s start with the basics.

3 Points To Consider FIRST
1. Can they relate to my description on a personal level?
2. Am I using language they understand?
3. When I describe music therapy, are they able to picture the face of someone to whom they could refer for my music therapy services?

When you paint a picture for someone, it has more potential to create a memory. And if you can make a strong impact and a great first impression, then you won’t ever have to worry about getting more clients, or getting burnt out advocating again!

Watch the video below for the exact formula that you can use to answer “What Is Music Therapy.”

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Hey hey amazing music therapist! First, a moment of silence for our Robin Williams dedication:

Robin Williams on music

This Week’s Shout-Out

We are shouting out Alie, a music therapist from Ohio. She has been feeling overwhelmed with the number of referrals she receives and doesn’t know what to do.

Unmanageable caseload… sound familiar?

We offer 4 actionable steps that YOU can take when the number of clients coming IN doesn’t match your music-therapy-happy-place.

Download the script so that you can get the conversation started with your manager!

Have you been in the same place as Alie? Help her out with your best suggestions and experiences. See you in the comments below!
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7 Things Successful Music Therapists Do Differently

In case you haven’t signed up for our free CMTE gift for you…. A few great music therapists like Ron Borczon, Barbara Reuer, Meredith Pizzi, and John Carpente can’t wait to share with you what makes a successful music therapist! Learn from them and more in our new Music Therapy Success Course, available to you […]

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Time to CELEBRATE!!!

Greetings! We are feeling GREAT over at Music Therapy Ed recently — and here is why: Music Therapy Ed is celebrating its’ 2nd birthday on Thursday, July 17! In addition to offering 22 courses, serving over 300 VIPs and giving out over 1,600 CMTE certificates, we have provided a few free tools for you along […]

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Get your groove on with MIDI!

Happy July! You will definitely want to STAY TUNED to the Tuesday Shout-Out in the next few weeks. Let’s just say that it involves freebies (yes, FREEBIES!) that will set your professional life ON FIRE! Speaking of freebies, are you ready to put on your techie hat and create some music with MIDI? We have […]

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Grab your guitar – here’s another FREE resource!

Hey there! Is it the start of summer where you are? We hope you are enjoying warm weather, beautiful sunsets, amazing bonfires with sing-a-longs, and fun times! This Week’s Shout-Out This week we are shouting out Becky Watson, MBA, MT-BC, an esteemed music therapy colleague in Virginia. Becky attended a past regional conference institute in […]

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Do you love reading? Great resource ahead!

This week’s Shout-Out goes to the Music Therapy Book Club, created by Jennifer Sokira, MMT, LCAT, MT-BC of Connecticut Music Therapy Services, LLC. The Music Therapy Book Club offers opportunities to read important music therapy texts, to learn and gain additional knowledge from either the author or other highly qualified facilitators, and to earn CMTE […]

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The Faces of Music Therapy Ed

First, congratulations to Carolyn Dachinger for winning the Self-Care contest. She receives Brene Brown’s book, Daring Greatly! She suggests saying “yes” to a limited number of requests – the ones she feels passionate about, and then saying “no” to other requests that take her away from her priorities. Click here to read all the Self-Care […]

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Vote For Your FAVORITE Self-Care Strategies!

Voting is now over, and……….((drum roll, please…….)) Carolyn Dachinger was the WINNER of our Self-Care contest! She receives a copy of Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly. Congratulations, Carolyn!! We LOVE Music Therapists!!! Thank you all for participating and voting in this contest! PS — Share with the WORLD that music therapists are LEADERS in healthcare […]

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