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The big reveal in JULY…

by Kat on June 29, 2015 · 4 comments

Hello Music Therapy Ed community! We want to THANK YOU for being part of our community of leaders in healthcare for the past 3 years.

July is our 3rd Birthday month, and because we are so thankful for your engagement and participation in our courses, we want to give you a prize every. single. day. in July. Some prizes are valued at $75 or more!


Here are the easy steps to win:

  1. Like us on Facebook here:
  2. Follow us on Twitter here:
  3. Reply to each contest prompt with a comment or tweet. You have until the end of each day to leave your response to the prompt. We choose winners every morning after.
  4. The coolest, most creative answer wins DAILY for each day in July.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Watch the video below to learn how to get notifications about our posts, so you don’t miss out on ANY contest prompts!
  • International residents are eligible to win! We will send our prizes *anywhere*
  • 1 daily prize per person. Previous daily winners may not win for a second time.
  • There is ONE exception! Everyone, including daily winners are eligible for the Grand Prize, given away on July 20 at our Mindstorm Monday webinar. Register to attend here.

About our GRAND PRIZE…
Also, mark your calendar to join us LIVE on Monday, July 20th @ 4pm, as we celebrate our 3rd birthday with Kat Fulton!

A lucky participant will go home with our GRAND PRIZE: the Extra Large Classroom set from BEAR PAW CREEK!!!

Extra Large Classroom Set from Bear Paw Creek, including a clear pocket tote bag, 4 connect-a-bands with a connecting hub-8, 1 balloon ball, 24 bean bags, 24 streamers/jingle, 4 drawstring bags


See you on Facebook and Twitter in July! =) MTE Team


If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a course, make sure to do it this week! We are raising our course prices on July 1st. Read below to learn why…

We love to support our community of brilliant music therapists (that’s YOU!), and we get questions on a daily basis. This week, we’d like to answer our most frequently asked question. (The image below was created by one of our VIP Subscribers…)

This Week’s Shout-Out

proud to be vipThere is a special group of music therapists who have access to *all* of our courses and *all* Mindstorm Mondays.

This week we’re shouting out our group of 300 VIP Subscribers! These therapists are truly dedicated to changing their communities and the world. They strengthen our culture by offering encouragement and honest feedback to the instructors. They help us determine the needs of our larger public community of music therapists. They give us direction by sculpting the future.

So, here’s our most frequently-asked question: How do I become a VIP Subscriber? 

Here are the simple instructions, step-by-step:

>> Purchase any single course.
>> After a successful purchase, you will land on a page that offers the VIP Subscription for a FREE 30-day trial period.
>> Click on “Become a VIP”

That’s it! The VIP Subscription is $47 per month after the free trial period, and you can cancel the VIP Subscription any time. If you cancel within the first 30 days, the single course you purchased will remain available for the full access period.

Here are bonuses that VIPs receive, in addition to access to all courses and all Mindstorm Mondays:

>> Course audio files for commutes
>> 10+ exclusive interviews with leaders in our field
>> Access to *all* of our vaulted courses
>> A bonus Financial Literacy course

Why are we raising our prices on July 1st?

I feel so much gratitude towards the music therapy community for believing in me, my team, and our instructors since the beginning in 2012. I’ve led this project with 100% transparency from the start, and the spirit of honesty has built up strong trust within the community. While I continue my dedication to leading with transparency, I want to tell you exactly why we are raising prices.

There are 2 reasons we are raising our prices on July 1st:

  1. We are paying our instructors more. We’ve paid out more than $20,000 to our music therapy instructors since 2012, because we value their expertise. Music therapists are leaders in healthcare, and quite simply… Music therapists deserve to make what they are worth. Better paid instructors make for very high quality courses. High quality courses make for better practicing music therapists. Words can’t describe how much admiration we have for instructors and the value of the courses they teach. We are proud to increase the amount of compensation for our instructors.
  1. We’re making our courses even more user-friendly. Over the next several months, you might notice small changes that will lead up to a facelift for our website. Our new digs will look beautiful, but more importantly, we’re making it much easier for you to experience our content on your laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone, tablet, or droid. The new prices will make it easier for us to achieve our long-term goal of growing the field of music therapy. More user-friendly courses will help more music therapists get re-certified in the years to come!

We want to help *grow* the field of music therapy. We want to reach music therapists in remote areas, who can’t afford to attend conferences. We want to inspire music therapists, who may be on the brink of quitting, to stay in the field. We want to make it easier for you to get re-certified by making sure you save time, save money, and experience a healthy, nurturing learning environment. We want to continue to make our content accessible anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

I think we’re on the right track to elevating the field of music therapy, and I hope you can join the movement by signing up for a course before July 1st!

Here’s what music therapists say:

I feel an internal shift happening from “burned out on music therapy, don’t know if the field is right for me” to “my gosh, there is so much to learn and do!” So, Music Therapy Ed is helping with retention in the field, at least as far as I’m concerned. Can’t tell you how grateful I am. ~ Leslie Meadows, MA, MT-BC 

I LOVE these online courses….can take them at my leisure, and they are so much more affordable than attending a conference or workshop for a few days. THANKS!! ~ Nancy Krutenat, MMT, LCAT, MT-BC

I hope you can join us before prices go up on July 1st. Simply purchase a course here!

Be well, feel good, and make MUSIC! Kat

Kat Fulton, Founder,

P.S. By the way, sign up for the Shout-Out below because we are giving away a free prize *every* day in July! It’s our 3rd birthday, and we want to celebrate with you! Details are coming out via email in the next two weeks!


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